KCC Introduction

Korea Copyright Commission Main Functions

  • Operation of the dispute resolution system, including mediation and conciliation of copyright disputes
  • Fair deliberation on fees and royalties of collective management organizations
  • Promotion of legitimate and fair use of works
  • International cooperation for copyright protection
  • Education and training on copyright, training of professional staffs, public awareness programs
  • Support for formulation of copyright policies and carrying out tasks entrusted to the KCC in accordance with laws, etc
  • Support for formulation of policies on technological protection measures and rights management information
  • Establishment and operation of a copyright information management system to provide information on copyright
  • Research into copyright information technology
  • Appraisal on copyright infringements, etc
  • Copyright registration, copyright authentication, and management of economic rights donated
  • Computer program source codes and technical data escrow
  • Conducting surveys on status of copyright trade and industry and generating statistics