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image Identification Technology (Fast and Accurate image Identification Technology) imageID is technology used for identifying digital images. imageID provides superior identification performance for a wide range of digital images, including webtoon ...[more]


OPENS DRM is a standards-based content protection technology supporting the EPUB3 security guidelines of the W3C (IDPF), the Readium LCP (Licensed Content Protection) international industry standard of the Readium Foundation, and the Korean standard ...[more]


MarkAny [more]


Content TRACKER is based on forensic watermark technology inserted in media content invisibly such as video, audio, image. With our technology, the quality of content is not affected even the watermark is inserted,. We have partnerships with the 6 m...[more]

Content SAFER

Content SAFER protects media contents such as image, video, audio, and text from piracy by preventing the users from ripping or taking screenshots of the original content. We serve Media distributers, broadcasting service provider and e-book distribu...[more]


BeyondTech [more]

Report Inspector

* Report Inspector is a comprehensive program that detects text and image similarity between multiple reports. - Comprehensive software that detects similarities between reports - Easy-to-use stand-alone program - Similarity test between sentences in...[more]

CopyrightSIT (Copyright Self Inpection Toos)

* CopyrightSIT(Copyright Self Inpection Toos) is a self-checking software for copyrights. It detects illegally installed software and support to analyze similarity between literary works. - Inspection on unauthorized S/W - Analyze similarity of lite...[more]


SounDUX [more]

BGM Shop, an Open Market Platform for BGM We at SounDUX supply nearly 180,000 music sources through BGMSHOP.COM, an open market platform for Asian BGMs. Through this website, you may use our extensive library of Asian royalty free music sources in...[more]


IWAZ [more]

IWAZ Target Contents Monitoring System

The Content Monitoring System is a system to detect and monitor copyright distribution in a mobile environment. The system enables fast detection and processing of copyrighted products served through the link with video analysis systems by monitoring...[more]


ITBOB [more]

Audio/Video FingerPrint Solution

* Audio Fingerprint is a kind of digital summaries generated by analyzing the characteristics of audio signals and is used to identify input audio samples. Audio Fingerprint Solution means a system that constructs a large volume of sound source DB, ...[more]


WooKyoung [more]


“SECUWATCHER for CCTV” is a video data security system to prevent infringement of personal information due to image leakage and forgery. ...[more]


“SECUFACE” is a real-time customer statistical analysis solution based on face analysis....[more]





Touch xID Smart Card

- Smart security card for user authentication with applying fingerprint authentication. - Only owener’s registered fingerprint can access touch x Device and App....[more]

Content Monitor

- It is a automatic content monitoring system that illegal content tracking on internet. - Collects the address of the hidden service site operating on the Tor network and stores the information....[more]

Touch xWallet

- Cryptocurrency hardware wallet with biometric security technology and card type. - Support for 10 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin gold, etc. - Cryptocurrency transactions via blockchain network and cryptocurrency ...[more]


Whoborn [more]


SECARD is a next-generation security system where the pictures and purpose of visitors, which are printed on a power-free display, are visually checked. At the same time, the encrypted identification of each person is checked through an NFC tag. ...[more]