Mediation is one of the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) systems that help parties achieve reconciliation through a mediating group consisted of 1 or 3 professionals from the legal, academic and industrial sectors. The Mediation process is a rapid, democratic and inexpensive way to resolve disputes and protect reputation and privacy of everyone involved in the dispute.

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Areas of application When copyright-related disputes arise
Number of conciliators/mediators 1 or 3
Cost Between KRW 10,000 ~ KRW100,000
Processing period Up to 3 months
Advantages Promptness, Professionalism, Economical Efficiency, Confidentiality

※ Under the Memorandum of Understanding concluded with the World Intellectual Property (WIPO) to activate the resolution of copyright disputes through alternative dispute resolution​​, parties to international disputes can benefit from a reduced fee scheme when they opt for WIPO mediation. Please click the below link for further information how to use WIPO mediation.

How to Use WIPO Medi​​ation
- Mediation Application Form