Who we are

  • Contributing to the improvement

    and development of culture

    and related industries

  • A copyright-specialized organization

    driving the competitiveness of

    the cultural economy of Korea


    1. Creating a mutual beneficial infra

    2. Strengthening the competitiveness of the copyright industry

    3. Disseminating a fair use culture in copyright

    4. Enhancing corporate social responsibility(CSR) toward coexistence and Innovation

The Korea Copyright Commission(hereinafter referred to as “KCC”) is the nation’s agency dedicated to copyright-related affairs. It plays a pivotal role in the promotion of the legitimate use of works, and the development of the copyright industry.

The KCC is faithfully fulfilling its roles ranging from deliberating copyright-related issues, mediating copyright disputes, researching policies and legislation on copyright, providing copyright education and public awareness programs, to serving as a copyright registration agency.

Furthermore, it endeavors to raise public awareness of the importance of the copyright industry, while providing support for the advancement of Korean copyrighted works into the overseas market and protection of their copyright overseas.