Copyright law


Article 4 (Examples of Works)

  1. (1) The following shall be the examples of works referred to in this Act:
  1. 1. Novels, poems, theses, lectures, speeches, plays and other literary works;
  2. 2. Musical works;
  3. 3. Theatrical works including dramas, choreographies, pantomimes, etc.;
  4. 4. Paintings, calligraphic works, sculptures, printmaking, crafts, works of applied art, and other works of art;
  5. 5. Architectural works including buildings, architectural models and design drawings;
  6. 6. Photographic works (including those produced by similar methods);
  7. 7. Cinematographic works;
  8. 8. Maps, charts, design drawings, sketches, models and other diagrammatic works;
  9. 9. Computer program works.
  1. (2) Deleted <by Act No. 9625, Apr. 22, 2009>

Article 5 (Derivative Work)

  1. (1) A creative work produced by means of translation, arrangement, alteration, dramatization, cinematization, etc. of an original work (hereinafter referred to as a “derivative work”) shall be protected as an independent work.
  2. (2) The protection of a derivative work shall not affect the rights of the author of the original work.

Article 6 (Compilation Work)

  1. (1) Compilation works shall be protected as independent works.
  2. (2) The protection of compilation works shall not affect the copyright of materials constituting such compilation work and other rights protected under this Act.

Article 7 (Work Not Protected)

No work which falls under any of the following subparagraphs shall be protected under this Act:

  1. 1. Constitution, Acts, treaties, decrees, and municipal ordinances and rules;
  2. 2. Bulletins, public notifications, directives and others similar thereto which are issued by the central or local government;
  3. 3. Judgments, decisions, orders, or adjudications of courts, as well as rulings and decisions made by the administrative appeals procedures, or other similar procedures;
  4. 4. Compilations or translations of works as referred to in subparagraphs 1 through 3 which are produced by the central or local government;
  5. 5. Current news reporting which delivers simple facts.